Saturday, 4 September 2010

Calverley to Middlewich

Off we go from our mooring at Calverley, collecting water on the way, we are heading for the Middlewich Branch today ..  and then comes the first narrow lock that I've done for probably 4-months ..
.. and what a hash I made of it too!  I've started to wear my specs full time now (varifocals) and I was obviously looking through the wrong part of the lens as I bounced off both sides - that's my excuse anyway - I really must do better at the next one!
Old BW stables converted nicely into a home
and next door with its metal window shutters
Yew Tree Farm in the distance - there is some sort of pattern on the gable end ..
.. and with my Nikon Coolpix and its 10x zoom we can see the date - 1889
a heron - as if you didn't know!
Molly's best sit as we arrived at our mooring for the night 

these visitor mooring are really brilliant - overlooking miles of the Shropshire countyside including Top Flash which you might just manage to see through the trees and the River Weaver 
a dog's hind leg bend in the river
a better view of top flash through the trees
waiting for George to come out to play
and a stunning sunset too
to end a lovely day

took a walk before we upped sticks the next morning - this is a better picture of top flash - it's actually a very large lake ..
..  with boats on it.

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