Thursday, 15 March 2012

Heartbreak Hill

 08:43 and we're off - a long day today
 Heading for Sandbach from last night's mooring
 Elton Moss Boatyard 
 Sandbach Flash Nature Reservation ...
 ... and the railway comes closer to the canal here
 A strange trio!
 Wheelock Services - good moorings and facilities here but the towpath can be rather muddy
 First of today's locks - the Wheelock flight of 9 paired (side-by-side) locks raising the canal by 79' 6"
 BW are replacing the gates of the next lock up ...
 ... George closes the big heavy gates ...
 BW employee emerges from the paired lock - they're doing a great job.
It's still only 10:15 and the mist hasn't lifted at all and it's flippin cold at the helm!
 Locks 64 at Malkins Bank round the corner in the gloom ...
 ... and the next set - the one on the right is in disrepair and not in use
 ... the righthand one on this pair has been made into a very nice waterfall ...
 ... above the lock is an impressive looking sign indicating Malkin's Bank Golf Course - but not a very impressive building at all!
 Lock 60 with it's name on the end of the balance beam - just in case someone pinches it, they'll know where it's from!
 11:35 and that's the M6 over there - and I'm getting colder by the minute!
 Lock 57 Hassall Green (2 locks 19') coming up next ...
 ... where we find a suitable spot to moor for lunch before Peirpoint Locks (17' 6") - hot pies from lock 57 cafe and soup (from a tin) after which I pile on more clothes and 3 pairs of socks before back on the helm and off we go again ...  first Lower Thurlwood Lock (for which I cannot find the actual rise but it was pretty much the same as the other so let's say 9')
 ... here was a cheeky pair of swans, this one is knocking on the door of number 7 just above Thurlwood Lock (9' 5")
I remember this place from last time we came this way, way back in November 2008 and there were 2 swans on the other side of the canal (possibly this same pair) and they were a nightmare to pass!
 Top lock of the Lawton Treble Locks (28' 3")
 Looking back down Lawton Locks from Halls Lock (9' 6") ...
... and round the corner to Church Lawton and our mooring for tonight.
So we cruised today for 8 hours with half an hour for lunch, 7.5 miles and a huge 23 locks raising us up the Trent and Mersey Canal by 172' 3'!!!


  1. Well done. A positively epic day...
    Have you seen the summer lock restrictions?

    1. It was indeed! Yes I've seen the BW ones - Nessa says that there are stoppages at Norwich but I've not had a minute to look - will do so tomorrow. Have a good weekend.