Monday, 18 February 2013

The year of the snake

Chinese New Year celebrations in Chester on Saturday

The firecrackers frightened Molly they were so loud and unexpected! 

We left the moorings at the Chesher Cat this morning ...

Waiting in Tiverton Lock for share boat Vulcan to join us

It’s so much easier to do these wide locks when they’re shared

The Bridge Inn is closed for business but it looks like there is work going on at the front

but this Focus store isn’t so lucky on the other side of the canal

Entering Chester, we’re filling up with water and Vulcan is waiting at Hoole Lock for a boat to come up

I wonder what this warehouse building was used for in times past - perhaps the globe is some sort of a clue??

Approaching the bridge of sighs and Northgate staircase locks.

We’re currently moored at Tower Wharf for a few days before cruising on to Ellesmere Port and the boat museum.


  1. Hi
    Are you stopping at Chester on your way back from Ellesmere Port by any chance? Been following your blog for a while and would like to say hi to you both if I may, as we live not far from Caughall pipe bridge on your route.

    1. Hi Steve, we’re staying here at Tower Wharf probably ‘till Friday and may stay a couple of nights back here at Tower Wharf on our return after the weekend and then maybe at the Cheshire Cat. Leave me a comment and perhaps we can sort something out.

  2. Hi

    Thought I recognised your boat from reading your blog sometime.

    Moored right up behind you in Chester (Badger Sett). No doubt speak in the next day or so.

    Keith & Nicky

  3. Hi, you take Awesome photos,what type & model camera do you use?.Cheers Ray E...

    1. Thanks for your comment - It’s a Panasonic FZ150.

  4. See you shared a lock with Vulcan, a sister boat to Centurion, ex Challenger.

    1. That’s right Andy - Jim and Jane on board for this week. A couple of weeks ago we met Vulcan at Nantwich and Barbridge with Colin on board. Do you know them?