Sunday, 14 June 2009

Thursday 21st - Sunday 31st May
After that brilliant day in Coventry we returned to Hawkesbury Junction and the following morning found that our middle pin had been pulled out; it was fastened back onto the boat so we didn't lose it, but the next day we realised that our boat pole was missing - both incidents must have happened whilst we we either at the Greyhound for a meal on Wednesday evening our whilst we were out walking the dog. Up to this point we have always enjoyed our stays there.

We left Hawkesbury on the 24th to move to Hopsford Aquaduct, just past bridge 19 - saw 'the other' Rock n Roll moored along the way.

Nice mooring here but not always possible to get close in to the side - nice open views though over the golf course and over the tow path side too for walking - the buttercups and clover were beautiful.

We stayed at the aquaduct until 27th when we up-sticked at moved on to Rose Narrowboats where we were leaving the boat to spend a few days with our son and family, returning on the 31st.

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