Saturday, 2 October 2010

Barbridge to Tattenhall Marina

In the afternoon of Wednesday 29/9 we upped sticks from our mooring just above Venetian Lock on the Middlewich Canal and turned left here at Barbridge Junction onto the Shropshire Union Canal, collected water and moored again for the night just beyond the water point. 
We decided to give the Barbridge Inn another try as the last time we dined here it had very recently been taken over after having been closed for some considerable time.  The food then was ok as it was this time, but the tables were atrocious, sticky and nearly black with ingrained dirt - nothing that a good scrubbing wouldn't put right and the laminated menus were also food stained and sticky - we've now decided that we wont bother again - a real shame because we've always enjoyed this pub going back over 30 years.
 The following morning we reversed back to the junction and turned right intending to stop at Beeston Castle
 the name of this boat reminded me of our grandchildren's language - especially the girls!
Turnothworld - ? a steam narrowboat
taken from Beeston Iron Lock looking at Chas Harden boats below bridge 107
We pulled in just below Beeston Castle and had some lunch - by this time it was 2pm.  We had intended to stay the night here but on realising that the forecast for tomorrow is heavy rain and high winds we decided to up-sticks and continue on to the marina arriving here just before 5.

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  1. Turnothworld is a near-replica award winning Bridgewater Tug built by Roger Fuller and fitted in a beautiful Art Deco yacht-build by Peter and Julie Hill.
    She is diesel powered and configured as these vessels were in the 1930s having been converted from steam to diesel. The funnel represents the diesel funnel and would have been much taller and further forward in steam mode.