Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Isle of Cumbrae - off the west coast of Scotland

We're here on holiday for 2 weeks in a cottage which overlooks the Firth of Clyde.
Arrived on Saturday 16th October after calling in to our daughter's house in Largs (on the west coast about 40 minutes from Glasgow Airport) and picking up two of our granddaughters Joanne and Alice and Joanne's friend Morganne who will stay overnight with us.
The journey from Largs to Cumbrae is by ferry which takes just 11 minutes - will add a picture on next posting.
after the rain on Sunday 17th taken from the bedroom window
All sorts of boats pass up and down the river
Largs marina on the other side of the river
 passing the very nice properties of Largs
there were lots of boats out on Sunday but the weather is closing in again
looking towards Largs - 08:15 today 19th October
could be a nice day ...
the sky looks good too
Grebes playing the mating game - I tried to upload a video of them but it didn't work! will try again later

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