Thursday, 10 May 2012

A windy day

 We left the sheep above ...
 ... Longford Lock this morning at 20 to 9 - very early for us!
 We've been lucky with the locks today, it's been one up, one done mostly ...
 J D Services have moved their pump-out equipment - we had to back up against this boat which was only tied on by its middle line to a scaffold pole above the roof of the wet dock ...
... there was absolutely nowhere to tie our ropes except the stern one on the wharf - the actual pump-out was quite dangerous, boats coming up and down the lock and to the water point and the wind blowing the two boats apart; George and the JD guy trying to stand one foot each gunwale in an attempt to keep the boats together - altogether a bit of a nightmare!
So .... guess where we are once again - easy peasy!


  1. Hi there

    Sorry to have missed you, we were so close, just the Coventry side of Fradley Junction. I said a quick hullo to More to Life as they passed. We still intend to get onto the Fens via the Wash in mid June, but at the moment our traveling companions are still stuck on the Thames. Time wise it looks as if we might get together with you on the fens eventually, that would be good.
    Cheers Mac & Jacquie SKYY