Thursday, 17 May 2012

Last night and this morning ...

 19:30 last night and the last of the day's sunshine reflects off the weather-vane
on Acton Trussell Church ...
 ... and this morning contrary to last night's forecast - it was raining when these two youngsters came for breakfast (nb: wholemeal bread of course!)
 A dinky little green/glass house
 Stafford Boat Club - I wouldn't mind mooring here, it's always so tidy and quiet!
 Lots of vegetation along the towpath as I walk with Molly ...
 ... on the approach to Radford Bank
 Yes Molly, they're called Bluebells!
 This pitched tent near the Mini car showrooms has fascinated me for a while now - I wonder if it's 
 The old adage - ne'er cast a clout 'till may is out - is certainly ringing true this year although I'm not sure if it relates to the May Flower (Hawthorn as above) or the month of May! Either way hopefully it won't be long now!
 End of my walk today and here comes my lift
 Youngsters having a day out at Tixall
 We saw BW boat Scorpio at Gailey earlier this week, she is being taken by BW volunteers to Etruria for the Jubilee Canal Festival
 The 'Bass' Boat moored just below Shugborough Lock ...
 ... we'll moor down there just on the bend ...
 ... past the very patient swan still sitting on her eggs ...
... where we'll have a good view of Shugborough Hall - (love this place!)

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