Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Off to Penkridge

We watched his pair of very laid back Pheasants walking serenely through the grass ...
 ... for several days whilst moored below Shugborough Lock
 Bank holiday over we upped sticks yesterday about 10:15 and moved up to the lock where there were 3 boats waiting to go up ... no problem ... no point!
 We'd seen queues at the water points yesterday because one was not in use and had had this temporary 'fix' on it to save water ...
 ... but it was still managing to release a shower!
 We pass an amazingly, immaculately ploughed field ...
 ... and more spectacular countryside ...
... and this house - beautiful indeed!
 The ducklings are growing up
 Do male swans share the incubation of eggs on the nest I wonder?
 A nice mooring spot to remember for another time ...
 ... and a heron who obviously needed a change of scene!
 Lovely and warm this morning as we set off to Penkridge Market - didn't need a jacket today!
 It's a good market too ...
... and busy this morning.
All good things come to an end and just after we returned to Rock n Roll the heavens have opened once again and the temperature has dropped from 23 to 12!


  1. Hi both - LOVE Penkridge market! I have extremely wide feet and have real difficulty buying any sort of shoes that don't cripple me (that's why I live in my Brasher walking boots if at all possible!)but I found the comfiest trainers ever on a stall in Penkridge market! Hope to see you sometime over the summer, although due to family circumstances don't think we will be going very far this year. We are moored at Gayton Marina, so if you are planning to go down the Northampton Arm onto the Nene in June let us know and we'll come and see you if we can.
    Pip & Rog xxx