Friday, 18 May 2012

Not far today

 Forgot to mention on yesterday's posting that whilst taking on water at Great Haywood yesterday NB Trundle passed us, the lady on board calling to me to 'keep up the blog as she really enjoys reading it'. Thank you guys!  She also asked me to say 'hello' to Seyella - so 'hello'  Mags and Geoff!
 Never notices this before - it's on the T&M a short distance south of Colwich Lock ...
 ... and there doesn't appear to be any buildings close by - anyone know what it is?
 Rugeley Power Station and Wolseley Bridge over the River Trent
 Just after Brindley Aqueduct we see Mr and Mrs Swan and family ...
... and a short distance away this Mrs Swan is still awaiting the happy day!
Currently moored by the railway bridge in Rugeley, we're waiting for George's new specs to arrive, hopefully tomorrow.

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  1. Oh that must have been Jenny and Mick? (Trundle)

    They were at Irthlingborough the night/day that our Lucy died, they were so very very nice.. Lots of hugs while I cried my heart out.

    We have met them before too... So if it was Jenny and Mick then hello you two from me!