Thursday, 31 May 2012


Friday 25th - we left our mooring at Willoughby and cruised towards Braunston ...
 ... the first sign of Braunston Church - across the roof of nb The 70's Boat ...
 ... and a much better second sighting half-an-hour later.
 Arriving at those lovely iron bridges at Branston Turn ...
 ... where we see nb Success (click pictures for more detail) moored.
 We pulled in at the Stop House for water and then moved back two boat's length onto the 48-hour moorings.  
George has just heard from his sister Diane who is heading for Stoke and will call to see us at lunch time.  It's really, really hot so I asked George to fix up the umbrella so that we could eat in the shade on the back deck ...
 ... talk about Mary Poppins ... I meant the sun umbrella!!
 Saturday we left the village, reversed back to the junction, turned down onto the Oxford where nothing changes (October 2011)
 We moored up here and Molly found a new friend to play with ...
 ... and George got out the BBQ - of course!
 A stealth boat perhaps?
Yesterday we moved up to the village once again and after filling the water tank moored opposite The Boathouse - we may slip our mooring later and to go over and take advantage of the 'two for one' on main meals.

The water is so busy this morning, I've seen a few new boats on trade plates heading for Crick and have heard calls of ' there's queues at the locks!' Glad we're not going that way.

We've made a decision - we're not 'doing' the Fens this year - We (well, I) feel that there is too much uncertainty about BW opening/closing lock 17 on the Northampton Arm due to a still severe lack of water and the rivers still being in spate at times.  
So, we shall go south on the Oxford down to the Thames instead - it's a plan!

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