Wednesday, 2 May 2012


We, with Ann and Chas, left Great Haywood in the rain at 09:30 and it continued to rain heavily from all directions for most of our cruise! Wet, wet, wet!!!
 Running (in the rain) to keep up with Mum in the water and plucking up the courage to join her!
 Rock n Roll coming through Armitage Tunnel (in the rain)
Last lock of the day (in the rain) at Wood End.
By 2:30 we were all moored up on the 14-day visitor moorings above Shadehouse Lock at Fradley Junction - still in the rain!
The 4 of us spent a couple of very pleasant hours in the mucky duck last night for a meal and a 'catchup' of all the news since we saw them last.  
When George and I got back to RnR we found 2 e-mails, one from Nessa and the other from Sue to inform us that the River Nene has been closed!  What a disappointment!
I couldn't find any information on the web except telephone numbers so this morning I rang the Environment Agency and Andy Hall the River Inspector confirmed that the river is too high for access and would probably remain so until after the bank holiday soonest, as the weather forecast is continued heavy rain for the foreseeable future.  
So then I rang BW South East and from there they confirmed that the Northampton Arm locks were open as planned from 3rd - 8th May and there was no plan to close them!
So what to do?  First we (RnR) will stay here today to get our breath back and have a think.  We were going to hire a car from wherever we were on the 14th May as I have an appointment in Wrexham, but there seems to be no point in continuing south if we can only get as far as Northampton (and we don't want to be 'stuck' there!) So we've decided to drop down the 2 locks into the junction and wind (turn) and travel back towards Gailey as it will be easier and quicker to get to Wrexham from there and try again for the Nene in early June when the next 'window of opportunity' is for access.
That is of course if it ever stops raining!
So will we get to use our Gold Licence this year! Watch this space!


  1. I would suggest you check with BW again on those dates as there have been postings on Facebook say the looks will be open 7-12 May and first week in June. There is also some doubt about the need to book your passage.

  2. Hi, Thanks for that information - our current plan is to book a passage for the June opening and check with the EA closer to the time that the Nene is accessable if we come through.

  3. Carol, this is all very confusing - others have booked passage in July as they were told that there is no definite opening in June!!!
    We've been stuck here over a week and stop starting for 2 weeks before that. They are now talking at least a week/ten days yet. We are in regular touch with EA at the moment who, we hope, will keep us and Yarwood from de-hydrating and will keep you posted if any more definite news. Still hoping to catch up with you and More2life this summer