Wednesday, 16 May 2012

3.5 hours, 5 miles, 9 locks

 Not a lot to record today - we left Gailey at 09:45
 ... saw the Goodyear Balloon above Otherton Lock
 and this boat outside Otherton Marina Boat Haven near Penkridge ...
 ... it does't appear to have a tiller ...
 ... on either end!  Notice the expired licence did you?
Such a shame - it's been like this for the past couple of months that we know to.

Arrived at Acton Trussell at 13:15 and as I speak George is loading the BBQ!
Warm weather, BBQ what more does anyone need?


  1. 516512 might have an expired licence on display, but the BW online boat checker says it is licensed!

  2. Thats my Butty/Art Studio!! No it doesnt have a Tiller. We tow it on cross straps just behind the motor, and use a tyre on a rope behind as a Skeg. New licence is on the back lower down.....ooops forgot to swap the old one on the front though.