Friday, 7 September 2012

Back on the River Thames and a beer festival!

An early start for us yesterday morning going east on the Thames to Shepperton Marina to use the facilities there before continuing north again
 Walton Bridge - the old one - a new bridge is currently being built here - the sign on the right is warning that divers are working

Clearly no passage this way ...

... which this guy eventually realises and scoots across our bows to the correct navigation!

The underwater and lower set of one of the stanchions  is already in place ...

... and the next set is being laid ...

... diving suits hung out to dry ...

... and the pillars and stanchions on the bank are already complete.
 This gives taking the dogs for a walk, a new meaning!

The lockies have seen us approaching and are already emptying Shepperton Lock for us ...

... and we’re lucky at Penton Hook Lock too, the gates are already open.

 Staines Bridge

 Runnymead Lock - 3 cruisers have sped past us between Penton Hook Lock and here, one is already in the lock and the other two seem to be jockeying for position, but they all had to wait until we arrived - so what was the hurry?

 An absolutely fantastic sunset at one of our very favourite moorings at Runnymead ...

 You really can’t beat a view like that!


  1. Beer festival? Where?
    I do wish we were on the boat at the moment, I do envy you those sunsets. I'm sure it will be back to bad weather by the time we get away :-(
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Hi Kath, the beer festival is on the paddock behind the Tea Shop at Runnymede - I forgot to put a picture of it on the blog!!

  2. Fabulous. Location, location, location - please tell me you nicked one of those diving suits for me

    1. I did think about it Jill but when I looked closer all the ‘bumps’ were in the wrong places! Clearly not meant for you!

  3. Love the sunset photo's From Sheila and Allan

    1. Thank you - glad you like them - more on the next post!