Friday, 21 September 2012

Today’s the Day

Up at silly 6 o’clock this morning, it’s forecast a good weekend weather-wise and we’ve got 13.5 miles and 3 locks to do today so we’re setting off early to get a decent mooring at the other end

 It’s the first time I’ve noticed that the leaves are starting to change to their autumn glory as we leave Beale Park for the last time this year

No, Goring lock is not under that very low bridge even if the sign does look as if that’s where it’s pointing!

Daring anglers fishing in the weir stream at Goring

Who’s that?

It’s Richard with Indigo Dream at Sheridan Marine, Moulsford, unfortunately he’s now going to wind (turn) and head back the way we came.  Good to see you again - regards to Sue

We’ve come through some drizzly rain this morning and it’s a bit chilly, but the sun is doing it’s best to burn through that cloud cover

The River Thames starts to meander a little now and the scenery as I look back is lovely

The rowers come out in force as we ...

... reach Wallingford Bridge where we can see that for a change there are plenty of available moorings - pity we don’t need one today!

Approaching Benson Lock going upstream so we keep the green buoys  on our right ...

... and the red bouys on our left through Shillingford Bridge ...  this where we had an interesting afternoon on the way down the river watching this incident!

12:30 and there’s just a glimmer of blue in the sky 
 Passing the confluence of the River Thame and Thames

Thirsty cows

A right-hand blind turn here

To Days Lock ...
... and our mooring for the weekend - nicely snug on the bank.
Another ‘first’ today too, this is the first day that we’ve cruised in our coats; it looks as if summer is just about over!

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