Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Reading Rowers and a treat at Mapledurham

A very short cruise for us on Saturday - from Sonning into Reading

Along the way in the lovely sunshine were lots of rowers

Some large craft too ...

... and some dragon boats

We managed to get a mooring outside Tesco, refilled the fridge and cupboards and set off once again.

More rowers waiting to descend Caversham Lock

The helicopter is neatly stowed behind the hedge - I would just love to see it land in that very small space
You’ll have to look very closely at this - there is a kingfisher perched on that post - we've seen very few of them this summer and this is the only one we (well George) managed to catch on camera!

The sunset was delicious!

We stayed on Reading Promanade over the weekend and pulled the pins again on Monday morning ...

... passing half of the working pair Ara (pictured) and Archimedes (out working I suppose)

A breasted pair of narrowboats leaving Mapledurham Lock ...

... which we share with a cruiser and the huge dutch barge Saraya.

Above the lock whilst the water tank was being filled we treated ourselves to bacon bap from the cafe there - fantastic!

Great - no-one moored at all at our destination - Beale Park and we can take our pick where to put in the pins

View through the galley window

View through the galley hatch.

Once all the jobs entailed in mooring were done we set off for a walk around the lake and back down the towpath where we saw that there really were no other boats moored here - until we got back to our own mooring that is ...

We couldn’t believe that some one would chose to moor not 15 feet behind us when they’ve got at least a mile of moorings to chose from!  Who would do that?  Just him I suppose!
Not to worry we shall enjoy our few days on the bank.

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