Thursday, 27 September 2012

At Thrupp

 Leaving our mooring on Monday morning for the short 1.5 mile, 1 lift bridge and 1 lock cruise to Thrupp.  George is walking ahead to lift the bridge and set the lock and I’m at the helm.
 Whoops! There’s a now boater without a brolly on the cut!
 Through Roundham Lock
 Taking on water at Langford Lane Bridge with the bow poking out across the canal beyond the bend - fortunately there was no traffic coming under the bridge whilst we were there.
 Safely tied up in Thrupp on the 48-hour visitor mooring right behind Al and Del and ...
 ... alongside the Jolly Boatman.  We walked along the towpath to dispose of the rubbish and to find Maffi (in Annie’s Tea Room) and arrange an evening in the pub - good job done!
Visitor yesterday during a break in the awful rain - Mark on Dusty Fuel Boat - a good job too as we took on more diesel than we thought we’d need.

Tesco delivery this morning between 8 and 10 and then it’s time to move from these visitor mooring, hopefully to a space on the 7-days but we may have to move through Aubrey’s Lift Bridge to the 14- days - a bit further from the pub - but no problem - we’ve got legs! Looking forward to that.


  1. I lived in Kidlington for two years when I was 14 and that walk was one of my favourite with the family Red Setter. Your 'very different bridge' is known as White Bridge and my sister was married in the Kidlington Church at the tender age of 20. I was a bridesmaid at a very self conscious 16 and made to wear the most hideous lilac dress with puffy sleeves, yuk!!!! Jill

  2. It’s good to look back and smile Jill xx