Friday, 7 September 2012

The goings on in Weybridge

Wednesday 5th September was what I think Sue would call a ‘dot’ day - not a lot going on at all.
I had been trying all week to make an appointment at my bank - couldn’t get one at Godalming or Guildford but I did manage one for today at Weybridge - which meant waiting around for a day or so.

An Environment Agency tug and dredger passing us ...

... and pulling in alongside moored boats near the weir ... lots of banging went on but I couldn’t see quite what they were doing.

We then caught the ferry across the Thames for a walk along the towpath where we saw this tree surgeon and his team ...

... very expertly decapitating this crack willow.  The team were most proficient with their ropes and pulleys, then either shredding or cutting up the branches.
 And after all that hard work we called at the cafe on the lock island for a cream tea - sorry only empty plates now!

 Back to the ferry - Rock ’n’ Roll looks very small moored over there.

On the Nauticalia side of the Thames the water belongs to the Environment Agency, but on the opposite side where we’re moored it belongs to the National Trust, so the ferry must be licensed by both authorities.

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