Sunday, 9 September 2012

Beer, a walk in the park, sunset and sunrise

We ‘did’ the beer on Friday afternoon, quite a few drinkers there and live music too as well as a BBQ.  Our neighbouring boaters visited the festival yesterday afternoon and returned ‘rather merry’.  The stalls had run out of beer and all that was left to drink was cider! Strong stuff at that too - 8.4% proof and after a couple you can understand why!  At least the first of the Runnymede Beer Festivals appear to have been a success - more beer though next time!

It’s been far too hot for me this past week and Saturday was no different as the temperature on the roof soared to over 46 centigrade at 2:13pm so I never set foot out side Rock n Roll ...

I just took in the views including this one of the Air Forces Memorial up on the hill ...

... from the windows ...

... where the Thames was busy all day

After an hilarious telephone conversation with my daughter Sharon the temperature had dropped to a slightly more comfortable 37 degrees so we set off for a walk in the park catching a rather better view of the memorial

All the ‘snug’ moorings where we are are full and these nearer to the road have filled up too
 Trip boat Lucy Fisher waiting for passengers in the park

There’s a Regatta on this reach this weekend but by the time we walked it appeared to have finished for the day

The visitor moorings on the other side of the park are full too - the extraordinary weather has brought them out in droves!

Lots to do for the children too

Back at RnR it has quietened down as the geese glide past on the far side

and another fantastic sunset - I will never get fed-up of seeing one of these!

 8am this morning and the sun will soon burn off ...

.. the mist on the river.

 Clinging onto the bank above the waterline.

The River Thames has continued to be busy up and down as I write this blog.  George has been catching up with outstanding jobs - we wrote a list of them the other day, unfortunately more jobs are being added to the end of the list than we’re crossing off, but at least it’s a start!

We will have stayed here at Runnymede on the National Trust moorings during this cruise for 9 nights in total.  The cost per night is £7, but if you purchase a ‘season’ ticket it costs £35 for a year - the only conditions are that you stay no longer than 7 nights at any one time and don’t return for at least 2 weeks - no problem at all and excellent value.

We shall reluctantly leave this lovely mooring tomorrow and hopefully find an equally nice one at Windsor.


  1. If you've never walked up to the air forces memorial, it's well worth the effort. Amazingly tranquil and moving -- and equally amazing views of Heathrow Airport, and right across London.

    1. Thanks Adam, yes we have walked up there a couple of time and it certainly is worth the effort. Hubby George has seen the views from the top but I’m afraid of heights so I will take yours and his word for it!