Thursday, 13 September 2012

De ja vue

After taking on water at the point by the slipway near the leisure centre, we left Windsor yesterday morning continuing up the River Thames

Under Windsor and Eton By-pass Bridge ...

... to Boveney Lock where there is a new illuminated sign giving information about up-coming events and warnings about speed and licences ...

I think the lock-keeper here has a sense of humour ...

... the life rings say RMS Titanic!
 Olympia 2012 is finished and the facilities at Dorney are being dismanteled

What does this notice say to you?

(yes, I know it’s blurred!), but this is the 3rd of these signs I’ve seen over the last few days - at a glance I would say that they say - moor here - but the last 2 (one as we approached Windsor and one at Old Windsor Lock) were accompanied by white notices saying - no mooring, no waiting.

I love the journey from Boveney Lock ...

... so no apologies for the pictures!

Oakley Court


Executive Charter Boats

Boats leaving ...

... Bray Lock where we had to wait about half an hour whilst the engineer tested the operation of the gates and sluices etc., but no problem, we were in no rush ...
 A Carp?  It was about 18” long and 9” in width in the clear water below the lock

The lockie had to open the top gates for these boats by turning the large wheel - he certainly had to work hard today!

... continuing our journey, now into Bray

The home of Rolf Harris ... mind that crocodile!

This one, just before Maidenhead Bridge is for sale ...

... a snip at

No-one stops at Maidenhead anymore.
To moor against the wall on rings set high so that you either have to duck under or climb over them, and with the traffic speeding past above you, will cost you £8! 

...  There used to be some free moorings up by the lock but now these are private.  The charges are made by Windsor and Maidenhead council, but at least at Windsor you get a decent mooring and facilities, here in Maidenhead boaters (I feel) are not welcome.

Boulter’s Lock in Maidenhead with its pretty balustraded bridge ...
 ... and into Cliveden Deep with Cliveden House at the top of the hill - an impressive sight!

 A female Mandarin Duck checking us out as we moor ...

 .. and here comes the de ja vue bit! Exactly the same space as June 2011 - marvelous!

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