Thursday, 20 September 2012

Yesterday and today

A few photo’s of what’s been happening around Beale Park yesterday ...
 Thwockers - as they were nick-named in the RAF

 I’ve tried to look these up on the RSPB site but can’t find them ...

 I think maybe they are juvinile greylag geese - anyone know?

Today the plan was to wind (turn) and go downstream through Whitchurch Lock at Pangbourne and on to Mapledurham Lock for a pump-out (toilet tank) and to fill the fresh water tank, then wind once again and continue further west to perhaps moor at Wallingford.  But a late(ish) start and a day that started warm and sunny but soon turned chilly we decided to return to our mooring at Beale Park and try again tomorrow.

 Hardwick House reputed to have been the inspiration for the illustrations of Toad Hall in Wind in the Willows (although Mapledurham House also claims this honour!) George wants to ride a sledge in the snow down that very steep slope behind the house - I suggested they open the front and back doors and allow him straight access into the river!

Red Kites above the Thames.

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