Saturday, 20 August 2011

What a Day!!!

Up promptly this morning - Tesco delivery between 9 and 11
Sunset at 20:15 last night
Cygnets come-a-calling this morning as I made tea-in-bed at 8am

Well... the Tesco man called to say he'd be with us 2/3 minutes - George dives out of the boat up the towpath to the road and waits ..... and waits .... another call from Tesco man - are you in England?  Yes ... oh, I'm in Largs ... (our postal address in Scotland).
The whole story is too long to tell - loads of phone calls to ensure that it would be delivered to us in Bath, but it didn't work.  Customer services have copied our order for delivery to us tomorrow morning (Sunday).
I checked the order after it had been copied - they had the wrong telephone numbers on it and there were no instructions as to where exactly we were in relation to the post code given!!!  
Crikey ... I soooo hope it arrives here!
We were going to move on first thing tomorrow but will now have to wait around - and to cap it all it's now started to rain!!