Friday, 19 August 2011

RnR on RnR

that's ... Rest and Rescusitation on Rock n Roll!
After winding (turning) above Bath Locks we cruised to Bathampton where we met up with our daughter-in-law Ange on Sunday at The George Inn, had a nice lunch there and said cheerio to Ed (grandson) and his sister Lucy and their mum - it's been great to have them on board!
On Monday 15th we picked up water at Bathampton and headed for Dundas Wharf for RnR.  It's unusual for us to cruise most days as we have done during the past 10 days whilst Lucy and Edward have been on board, so this was time for us to gather ourselves together again and do a few outstanding jobs.
 On Wednesday we winded once again and cruised back towards Bath - caught this photo at Bathampton Swing Bridge whilst waiting for George to open it and to let 2 other boats pass through.
 A Bath Tub??
 I just love the buildings in this area - even the new(er) ones are built of the lovely honey coloured stone and are generally in keeping with the older buildings
 the canal is much busier today
 We're moored once again just past Folly Footbridge - this sunset over Bath was taken on Wednesday 17th at 20:40 - we shall stay here until Friday.

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