Monday, 8 August 2011

Bradford on Avon

I loved it!
 Barton Grange Farm ...

 ... complete with pigeon holes near ...
... the 14c Tithe Barn
 ... a coffin?
 One of the four porches to allow carts to be brought in and emptied/filled in the dry
 The barn is 51 x 9 mtrs and has wonderful curved roof beams which have been dated using tree ring growths to between 1334 and 1379!
 The crossings between the two doorways ...
 ... are very different
 click to enlarge to read
one of the barn's hugh doors
 There are some wonderful buildings ...
 ... some at the top of the hill ...
 ... and these!
The River Avon ...
 ... flows through the town
 Catholic Church 1854
 An alley-way waiting for an artist ...
 The Masonic Lodge 15c
 a real nice one!
 Holy Trinity Church - with all the doors firmly locked
 Abbey Mill - now apartments
 The Church of St Laurence ...
 ... a late Saxon building ...
 A pair of Angels in the nave found in 1885
 a beautifully carved stone alter, although the decoration is now quite plain, remnants of decoration are evident
 I wonder how many pairs of feet wore down theses steps and made them so shiny?
 Coppice Hill
 Whole streets of lovely buildings
Bradford on Avon is definitely not a shopping town - it's a wonderful place to wander around, up the hill, through the side streets and alleyways to absorb its history - Saxon and Norman churches, medieval barns, houses, bridges and Georgian mansions of honey coloured local stone.

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