Friday, 5 August 2011

A Day of Mixed Blessings

Thursday -
Leaving Devizes Marina; it's 09:20 but dark and threatening heavy rain ...
 ... and it's chucking it down as we approach the 90 degree bend ... 
 ... safely round that corner into the bridge hole of London Road - that's Wadsworth Brewery in the distance ...
 ... and on through bridge 140 at Devizes Wharf - Pump Out on the left - the rain not so heavy now.
  It was still raining when we arrived at the Black Horse pub at about 11 where we're meeting up with our son Mark, wife Ange and grandchildren Lucy and Ed; they arrived about 5 minutes after we did!
We had a decision to make -
a) light lunch, Caen Hill in the rain then pub
b) pub lunch and do Caen Hill in the rain
c) pub lunch and do nothing
d) pub lunch and see what the weather is like
'd' won!
 Whilst eating deserts the sun came out and at about 3pm we were off - that's Lucy and Edward ...
 ... and Edward ...
 ... and Lucy!
 ... and leaky gates ...
 ... and stunning views across the enormous side pounds ...
 ... to the Caen Hill Flight - some locks individually named ...
 Botox  Boto-X Lock ..
 Skags Lock - funding from California even!
 Son Mark ...
 ... and Dad George!
 Nice to see the young remembered too
It was quarter to 4 when we arrived at the top of the locks and by 5:45 we were tied up at the bottom - not bad going at all - we shared all the locks with a rather dysfunctional family (aren't we all) but it kept us amused.
 Mark, Ed and Ange walk back up the hill at a half past seven for the journey home - it was great to have them aboard and the extra crew were very welcome! Thank You Big!
Lucy is staying with us for a few days.
 Sunset below lock 29 at 20 past 8
 and a very peaceful scene looking across the winding hole and pound.
Another great day - how lucky are we!!


  1. Carol and George,
    Lovely post and great pictures. Thank you for sharing with us. It's been a solid 85-93 degrees here for two weeks now--10 degrees cooler than the norm. Les and I are wilting despite aircon. Summer with a sweater--or a raincoat looks refreshing. Take care!

  2. Hi Jaq - I can't imagine that heat I'd have melted onto the floor!