Sunday, 28 August 2011

Out and About

Wednesday 24th August - off to find a camera shop
We walked along Harbourside to Millennium Square
where there are lots of water features
which the children loved - it was a hot day
can you see us in the sphere?
you'd get a wet bum if you sat on this seat!
there's a lot to see in the square
the Corn Exchange market is busy
Broad Street
Temple Church was bombed in WW2 - we saw this from the river as we entered the city
Part of the old Bristol Brewery building across the river
and looking down the Avon towards the harbour
Remains of 2nd century Keep of Robert, Earl of Gloucester, his main stronghold in the West Country
Queen Victoria outside the Marriott Hotel
looking up Park Street and Queen Street
and over College Green to the Cathedral
and Bristol Council Offices
University of Bristol Wills Memorial Building
University Tower - Bristol University
detail over the doorway of Wills Memorial Building
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Victoria Rooms with King Edward VII statue
We found the Panasonic Shop quite a way past all these buildings; I've been having intermittant problems with my Nikon Coolpix camera, the power button and the record button sometimes failed to operate - very annoying indeed.  I chose a Lumix DMCTZ20 and so far it's great.  Pictures from now on is are taken using this camera - I had been very pleased with the quality of pictures taken with the Nikon but I think these are even better!

Sunday 28th - looking for the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Cabot's Tower
 Underfall Yard with the Tabaco Factory Theatre in the background
Underfall Boatyard and Slipway, Bristol: boatbuilding, boat repair ...
An old tobacco Warehouse has been converted to apartments by Cumberland Basin
 and the top gates of the sea lock
where even these gates are a bit leaky
leads down onto the River Avon through the bottom gates
 and out to sea under the Clifton Suspension Bridge
Welcome to the Clifton Suspension Bridge | The Clifton Suspension ...

 the tide is right out just now
 a notice board - information circa 1840 - click to enlarge for some amusing stories
 and gardening advise
The Lock Keepers office
 and whatever this is, it's a bit ski-whiff
 Looking down beyond the lock along the bottom of the River Avon
 we'll have to come back for a photo during high tide
what with looking down into the empty river and up high to the bridge
 my stomach thought it was on a bungy jump!
 abandoned harbour furnishings
I bet that's a bit heavy
 Beams from the old wooden lock gates - about 25 feet long - would have taken a lot of pushing and pulling!
 recommended as a great 'locals' pub by a local
 the Nova Scotia portrayed on the building opposite the pub
 a hive of activity this morning
 those wonderful houses - again
 and yet more, they are sooooo colourful
 this bronze statue stands near Baltic Wharf
sail masts galore

at Baltic Wharf Marina
We caught the ferry back over the river and stopped off at RnR for lunch and set out once again
to Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill
Cabot Tower - Tower in Bristol, West End - Visit Bristol
Just as we arrived at the top of the very steep hill the rain came down - it was torrential.  Heights are not my thing so I donned on my raincoat and opened the umbrella and found a spot in the lea of the tower to shelter and wait whilst George and Molly climbed the 108 spiral steps to take photos over Bristol

 Through the rain you can just make out the Cathedral to the right of centre and the rear of Royal York Crescent halfway down the hill
 The SS Great Britain in her mooring
 University Tower and Wills Memorial Buildings
 beautiful architecture on Cabot Tower
Cabot Tower, Bristol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This Rowan Tree looked like a Christmas Tree decked with red holly berries as we descended Brandon Hill after the rain
Back at Rock n Roll a nice relaxing afternoon

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