Sunday, 28 August 2011

The view from Rock n Roll

Tuesday 23rd August
lots of rowers
galleon on the move
very different ships here
Wednesday 24th
early morning
at the harbour inlet
Thursday 25th
me taking the ferry
to visit the SS Great Britain
and George watched
SS Matthew come home to dock
and the SS Gt Britain Maritime Heritage Centre - yet to be visited
Molly is pleased to have me back home and wants to play!
SS Matthew goes out again early afternoon
and MV Pride of Bristol is on a training mission with the Sea Scouts and 8:30pm
Saturday 27th
 a new boat on the long-term mooring today and something moving over the other side
 loco Henbury - the dockland railway giving visitor trips
 and late afternoon what looks like
 one or more
 wedding parties having their photos taken
 and the river became busy
 with ferry's plying their trade
 and sailing ships
coming into harbour from the sea
 this one always makes Rock n Roll rock n roll
27th August
 another 'galleon' as we walk to The Pump House for dinner
 and the water front
as we walk back just after 10pm
We had one of the best meals out ever at the Pump House - but one caution - they added a 10% 'tip' onto the bill, which we didn't want to pay, they credited us with no problem and we gave the waitress who was most attentive to our needs during the meal a tip instead.

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