Friday, 5 August 2011

A short day today ...

8am looking up the Caen Hill Flight from the bottom (lock 29) (courtesy Lucy)
 The two boats that were moored behind us last night are approaching the bottom lock to climb that hill (courtesy Lucy)
 Grandad and a very elegant grandaughter are ready to get to grips with the first lock of the day ...
 ... I hope she doesn't ache tomorrow!
 We shared the locks again today - great!
 Boats arriving at the top of the next lock down ...
 ... 2 out ... 2 in (photos courtesy George)
 'What did Grandad say? Open the sluice, or open the gate, or did he say close .... something?
She's very 'blond'!
 Out of the last lock for today - Wrinkly Goose is going on, we hope to moor just around the corner ...
 ... from these old bridge supports ...
... by the nearly complete new marina - but our luck was out it was far too shallow and the views weren't fantastic either so we carried on and are now moored on the 24-hour visitor moorings at Sells Green.
As I write this posting George is about to light the BBQ - a feast very soon then!

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