Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Thursday 19th - Saturday 28th November 2009
We're still at Weltonfield Marina - George's flu is still man-sized but the sunrise is as gorgeous as ever ...
..... in any direction!

We left the marina on Saturday 21st and moved just round the corner back onto the Grand Union and moored up above Buckby Locks for a Tesco delivery tomorrow.
looking back towards the Leicester Line junction beyond the houses on the right

Even though we'd been on a shoreline at the marina, soon after we moored up we had a low battery warning light come on so on went the engine again but the same thing happened on the Sunday morning. George checked the ionised water in the batteries and was horrified to see it so low, but that was soon remedied and now they are all back up to full strength - thank goodness - or it would have been an very expensive.

Monday 23rd

Winded at the junction and headed towards Brauston, moored up just below the Admiral Nelson - we went in for a meal - and decided not to bother again, it was most disappointing.

approaching Braunston Locks

Tuesday we moved down a couple of locks and moored just outside Braunston Marina on the 48-hour slots and caught up on the gossip with friends
On Thursday we reversed up to Wharf House at the bottom lock for fuel which incidentally took hours because apparently only Phil Abbott can dispense diesel and he wasn't there! It was becoming dark, windy and very cold once we were fuelled up and set off, we cruised for just 3 miles and moored at bridge 87

Friday 27th

the rising sun - 08:16 -we upped sticks and continued on our way..
a colourful boat looking back down the canal into the sunshine I like these pictures!
and the clear blue sky looking forward!
apparently this damage was caused by a vehicle on the bridge -
I wonder if it ended up in the canal? through Hillmorton Locks and we decided to carry on to bridge 58 Brownsover, we stayed for a few days at the 'Tesco stop'

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