Monday, 4 January 2010

Sunday 18th - Tuesday 27th October 2009
Still accompanied by Pat and Ian on Porthceri on Sunday we cruised on to Winkwell where we enjoyed a glass (or two) at the 3 Horseshoes.
After we'd tied up, Ian discovered quite an amount of water inside the boat but couldn't tell where it had come from and would seek advise from the nearby boatyard in the morning. On Monday morning Ian discovered that the boatyard qasn't open on a Monday, but as the situation was no worse decided to carry on to Cowroast and reassess the situation then. Sunrise at 06:37 on Tuesday 20th before setting off and eventually mooring up below lock 37 (yet another of our favourite mooring sites).

Saw nb Valarie moored as we passed Marsworth Junction but no sign of Les (apparently he was laid up due to a bad back - hope it's better now Les)

Wednesday 21stI was giving Molly a quick walk this morning before setting offand saw that lock 38 had drained completely! We'd not seen a completely empty lock before - it was deep! is that where the water went? I think this pump house is at Pitsone George and Ian wheel locking Porthceri and Rock 'n' Roll leaving the lock - the colours and clear, sharp shaes on this rather cloudy day were something to behold.

We eventually set off and moored up below Grove Lock where the four of us paid a visit to the pub for a lovely lunch as we say goodbye to Pat and Ian tomorrow.

Thursday 22nd Passing Clifton Cruisers - a very tight fit indeed! The flowers at Stoke Hammond are still blooming well another of our favourite mooring spaces near to bridge 102 just north of Stoke Hammond - it was here that we said cherio to Pat and Ian on Porthceri as they are on their way to join friends of Milton Keynes IWA for their annual clean up from Fenny Stratford to Milton Keynes.

We had some well earned R&R (rest and recouperation) here!

Sunday 25th a lovely scene on our way north heading to moor at Campbell Park, Milton Keynes and stayed for some retail therapy - can't be bad!!

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