Monday, 10 January 2011

Red sky at night .. shepherds delight - Red sky in the morning ......

I'm sure you all know the ending to the rhyme - I always thought that it was a warning of snow to come but today is dry but with a very cold wind although the forecast over the next few days is mild, windy with rain or snow!! Oh what joy!
I took these photos just after 8 this morning - stunning even if I do say so myself

Ann and Charles (Moore2Life) and Mags and Geoff (Seyella) are joining us this evening to make plans about moving on tomorrow.  All that we know just now is that we're all heading back to the Shroppie for a while possibly to moor between bridges 7 and 8 near Brewood and possibly meet up with Sue and Vic (No Problem).  After that we (Rock n Roll) are thinking of going through Birmingham (possibly with Seyella) and then we shall turn south onto the Grand Union and Seyella turn northwards but final plans will depend on the ever changing weather of course!


  1. Stunning photos - well done!

  2. Great photos. You can still forget Birmingham at the moment. We're still incarcerated. Matilda Rose

  3. We had a red sky here in Suffolk as well, Its been a chilly, breezy but fine day at about +6