Wednesday, 12 January 2011

No Problem cruising to Wheaton Aston

After our walk this morning the convoy (Moore2Life and Seyella and us of course) set off on our travels again (it's so good to be able to say that!) to Wheaton Aston and on the way we saw .....
 Moore 2 Life follow us through bridge 9 on the Shroppie ... 
 ... whilst we follow Seyella through Chillington Bridge 10 - a rather atmospheric picture ...
[Edit 14/1/11 my mistake this is of course Avenue Bridge]
 ... Ann (M2L) taking a picture of me taking a picture them at the pretty Chillington Bridge 
 Margaret joins Geoff on the stern of Seyella
 what's that .... another boat moving ... NB Poppy ... a real sight for sore eyes!
 I didn't see the 'other' swan when I took this photo!
 not quite the full 'shilling'
 I do hope that there was no-one onboard when this NB caught fire - it must have been quite recent as we could smell the smoke as we passed.
Moore2Life cruise the swan infested waters as we approach Wheaston Aston Lock.
Lo and behold when who should we meet opposite Turners Garage but NB No Problem - oh what a surprise!  Great to see you both again.

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  1. Hello! When I wrote my blog last night I had no idea you wrote a blog, I do now.. one more to add to the list & enjoy reading :-)