Friday, 14 January 2011

The Convoy

With NB No Problem at the rear and Seyella leading we set off at 10:30 heading towards Norbury - Seyella is looking for the gold of the canal - firewood!
Seyella, Moore2Life and us ...
and No Problem leave our moorings opposite Turners Garage (cheapest fuel for miles)  ..
.. and cruise past the long-term moorings ...
Lucy and Meg are not venturing too far from home today.
NB Killerton passed us us soon after - here passing by No Problem
passing under Shushions Bridge ..
... and goodness - another boat on the move!
 We stopped for the night at Little Onn and after a welcome cuppa and biscuits onboard Moore2Life we set off walking to Church Eaton and back; a bit muddy but very enjoyable ....
.... and back to Seyella for a (huge) slice of Mag's very special home-made Ginger Cake and cookies! Both were the tastiest ever - thanks Mags.

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