Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The convoy goes it's separate ways today

I forgot to post this picture on yesterday's blog ...
Catkins .. a sign of spring .. or is the weather just fooling nature into a false sense of security?

We had a great night last night- 8 people (4 bloggers) and 5 dogs all got together on No Problem to say our farewells- until we meet again, that is.  So today, if you see the owners of the said No Problem, or Seyella, or Moore 2 Life, or indeed us on Rock n Roll  -  please don't shout!  Check out Sue's blog today when she gets round to posting it for the epic snapshot!

The pins will be pulled at 11:30 today and Moore 2 Life and No Problem will make their way to Autherley Junction and turn left to cruise up the Staffs and Worcester through Tixall Wide and Great Haywood with the intention of getting through  Colwich lock by the 7th Feb.  Meanwhile ourselves and Seyella will remain here by the cherry trees for at least today before setting of south towards the River Severn and then Birmingham.  We (RnR) hope to meet up with Sue and Vic again in a few months time and spend some time on the River Thames with them.  Happy and safe cruising guys!             (This suit you better Sue?)

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