Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The search continues .... and is accomplished!

Sunday 16th January ...
 dawned bright and clear - and us doing ... not a lot!  
 Monday the convoy split in two - Moore 2 Life (seen here) and No Problem head south again to Gnosall whilst Seyella and us travel a little further north in the hope of finding more boaters gold; we hope to catch up with them again in a few days.
 Whilst waiting for the Norbury water point to become free we watched these squirrels taking nuts from the feeders - amazing how they hold on with their tails!
 Found it ... boaters gold at Grub Street Cutting - we tie up to the tree stumps!
Beware! ... men at work!
The guys make short work of cutting and loading the wood onto Seyella, and off we go again.
 near to Lambars Bridge 41we spy this vintage car - a Riley?
 ... another view - let us know if it's not a Riley please!
[Edit 21Jan - thanks to everyone who confirms that this is a 1950(ish) Daimler]
 Mags is trying out some of the wood just collected - it's a wonder Geoff can see where he's going - perhaps he can't!!
 a fantastic oak tree leading up to ...
the Anchor pub by bridge 41.
 It was minus 4.6 at 08:00 hours this morning but it was promising a good day weather-wise. Here we are setting off from just beyond bridge 41 just before 12 noon.
 What an absolutely glorious day - I'm walking with Molly up to Shebdon Winding Hole where the boats will turn and we'll head back to Gnosall ...
... the views on such a sunny day are a sight to behold.
 NB Jandai moored on Shebdon Embankment.
 Here they come Seyella with Rock n Roll behind
 Seyella winds (turns) ...
... and passes RnR.
 It's Rock n Roll's turn now ...
... only just missing the bank ...
... he's coming to pick me up at bridge 44.
 The sun comes through the clouds and is lovely ...
 ... also through the trees at ground/canal level ...
... and spectacular looking up ....
... as well as when I looked back.
 Geoff on Seyella shields his eyes against the glare ...
 Sorry if they all these pictures look alike to you - but I don't care - I love them!!
 The remains of the wood pile from yesterdays collection.
 What a wonderful sky! ...
... the grass looked almost luminous!
 Hi there! The tree cutter is back at the same spot where the (nearly) 4-boat pile up was at bridge 37 on Saturday; Geoff on Seyellar decided that he'd collected enough firewood for the moment so this time we didn't stop!
a Mandarin duck greets us as we moor-up back at Gnosall.
A few minutes after tying up who should we meet?  Ann from Moore 2 Life and Sue from No Problem with respective K9s out walking from their current moorings at Cowley Tunnel.
An absolutely fantastic day!!


  1. very good. How times change i was laughed at for having a chainsaw about 8 years ago

  2. Fantastic photo's. It's hard to believe that there is so much to see around us in January, most of us are still hibernating!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Carol & George

    Great pictures, you and the convoy have been very active, makes me feel both envious and glad to be safely tied up at Selby with all creature comforts to hand. Hopefully these frosty nights do not mean a return to the Ice Age.
    Take care Love Mac & Jac SKYY

  4. Hi Carol
    I meant to say after reading your post. It's NOT a Riley. The lines are similar to a '50s Roadster, but the fluting on top of the grill is a dead giveaway. It's a Daimler, and very similar to this, http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C178923, only this is a 4 door.
    Dot and Derek also agree, posted on their own blog.

  5. Your photos are lovely - the light was amazing again today. If you were recording temps at 8.00am this morning you, clearly, didn't go in THAT pub the night before. It really is the strangest place. The stories I could tell you of our night in that pub....oooh, ouch. Not for the tinternet. Any news on that landslide?

  6. Hi Jaquie and Mac,
    thanks for the comments, glad to hear that you are both staying well,warm and dry.Hope to see you both when the ice age has passed.kind regardsxx

    Hi Geoff and Dot and Derek,
    Thanks for the clarification re that lovely car!

    Hi Jill and Graham,
    we are intrigued! Sounds like a good story for the next time we meet up.Have you moved now from gas street? We saw some hoppers going north towards the slip,but not heard any more. kind regards.