Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Little Onn to the Cherry Trees (between Bridges 8 and 7)

This sunset was taken just after 5pm on 21st January at Little Onn ...
... fabulous!
Seyella and RnR left Little Onn yesterday morning and we stopped at Wheaton Aston collecting fuel from Turner's Garage (Moore2Life was moored opposite having left Little Onn before us as they needed to catch a bus into Stafford).We then took on water before moving on; we did intend to pump-out but apparently the metre now eats the cards! So we had arranged to have this service done at Country Cruisers just north of Brewood.  We stopped at Brewood for a quick trip to the co-op and to collect our post before cruising on to our current mooring between bridges 7 and 8.
This property is just before bridge 22 - a few years ago the garden that you see here slipped into the canal and BW/contractors terraced it to make it safe - and it really does look good ...
... but we noticed that the garden on the other side of the steps is now starting to slip ...
... I wonder why BW didn't arrange to make both sides safe at the same time ... but who am I to question why?  Along this stretch of canal there are several lengthy sections of the off-side banks that look near ready to collapse into the canal bringing large trees down too.  We saw quite a lot of badger sets (huge mounds of sandy soil) which will inevitably destabilise the banks eventually. 
"I've got my beady eye on you"
Couldn't decide which photo I prefered ...
... so, me being me, I've published them both!
a Dutch barge being restored.
This place has always fascinated me near Stretton Aquaduct - not sure if it's one property or three; it could be homes for senior citizens - anyone know?
... and guess who we met at the mooring?  Why No Problem of course!

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