Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Cold, Frosty, Foggy Day and the Convoy reunites

It was minus one at 6am this morning, but it got colder as the day wore on.
 A tree creeper opposite our mooring
 I never saw this old fella get onto his feet, but I did see a lady from the pub feeding him.
 It really was as cold as this looks ..
 but there was a spot of colour from the mandarin.
 Visibility not good at all as we leave our mooring ...
... and didn't get any better!
 frosty trees ...
 .... and grasses (I like this one)
 What on earth is that? is it coming towards us, or what?  it's all over the canal ...
... it's pushing a hopper ...
 ... and pulling two more ..
 ... C&RS ...
... he's pulled into the side to allow Seyella to pass.
 Arriving at our destination at Little Onn and who's that through the bridge?
It's Moore 2 Life and No Problem - Vic, Ann and Sue seen here starting the K9 walk over the bridge.
Great to meet up again, but we were glad to be inside out of that bitter cold weather!

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