Thursday, 11 April 2013

The urban fox and rain!

I watched this large dog fox at 7am this morning carrying his ‘catch’ just behind the first fence in the picture, taking it across the field where he seemed to be trying to get through the next fence.  He disappeared for a while and then re-emerged, luckily by this time I had my camera ready!

Leaving last night’s mooring at 10:30 - it’s a bit chilly!

Approaching Goyt Mill built as a cotton mill c 1908 - just look at those aerials!

 Good views!

Moored up at Marple with Moore 2 Life behind us while we pop to the shops for essentials, Greggs sausage rolls, meat pasties and jam doughnuts!

Looking towards Marple Junction.
Miss Marple of Agatha Christie fame was named after the railway station when the author was delayed there once.
 Approaching bridge 1 - the end of the Macclesfield Canal

Ann and Chas following - leaving the ‘jam’ of boats behind them under yet another of those lovely cross-over bridges

 Marple Junction - very pretty from this angle

Looking left at the junction towards the Marple Flight of locks ...

… but we turn right this time onto the Lower Upper Peak Forest Canal (edited see comments!)

 Impressive - but I’ve no idea what it is!

 And then the rain came down - we pulled over and moored up here - perhaps this view will look better in the morning!


  1. Upper Peak Forest, surely, as you're above the locks? We have very good memories of that canal and Bugsworth Basin, and we're hoping to do it again in September. Can't wait! But in the mean time, we'll enjoy your travels instead.

  2. Eh up Carol, you're on the UPPER Peak Forest! The Lower is below Marple Locks! :-)

  3. Oh bummer! Thanks to Adam and Geoff for pointing out that Rock n Roll is not on the Lower Peak Forest! I thought we were going to go ‘up’ the locks.! Posting duly amended!