Sunday, 28 April 2013

Goyt Aqueduct and River

 Trying to dodge the showers we set out for a quick walk to see if we could get under the aqueduct and viaduct

 You can see here that the canal aqueduct is a stone trough with no parapet on the off side and only a 12” raise in the coping stone edge

 Looking down approx 100 feet to the River Goyt ...

 … and the arches below.

 We walked towards Marple Locks and took a left turn down the embankment to where the Rivers Goyt and Etherow meet

 at Brabyns Park Iron Bridge

 Looking over the iron bridge

Click on the photos above to read the information regarding the building of Brabyns Park Iron Bridge

By this time it was raining so we hurried home - perhaps if the weather’s better tomorrow we’ll walk the ‘other’ way to see if we can get under the arches!

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