Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A walk in the wind and sun and wind and rain and wind and wind …..

Sunday morning and George with Ann and Geoff and assorted canines set off for a walk up Chimley Churn - 1374 feet above sea level.

George took numerous fabulous photos and I’ve chosen a few of my favourites below with George’s comments ...

This des res had just been built, half way up the mountain!

Toddbrook reservoir, didn’t know it was there until we reached 1000ft….

…at the summit…

New Mills nestled in the valley below

Ann having a bad hair day and Geoff bracing himself as he put his head above the parapet of the wall to take a photo, it was blowing about 50mph at the time….

Remnants of the stone quarries on the summit, it must have been a bleak place to work when the weather turned…

… back down at the bottom now near Black Brook, crocuses grabbing the sunshine…

No name on this house, but it was….substantial!

a wier next to the house, running into a small man made lake….

…where we met a few black swans….

Molly hates water, but the temptation was too great….only up to the ankles mind!

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