Saturday, 13 April 2013

To the end of the line!

The rain cleared after lunch at our mooring just north of Rawton Walls Bridge on Thursday …

… so Ann, George and I set off for a walk south

NB Bluebell has been abandoned and plundered of its door and deck boards.  I wonder if that person is ‘coming back’ for the unit there …

… and the two arm chairs inside.

Although still slightly ‘misty’ the views really are spectacular across the Goyt Valley!

Someone’s pride and joy has suffered badly in a fire - doors are also missing from this boat ...

… is it actually leaking or is the water inside from putting out the fire I wonder?

Yes, a right ‘hero’ this one, moored and left on the landing for Turf Lea Lift Bridge

Horses heard our voices in the field and came bounding over to see if we’d brought anything to eat!

Looking over Strines Aqueduct at the stream ...

… and Peeres Road where on the Tithe Map of 1850 was owned by Wilbraham Egerton and was part of the Strine Hall Estate

 Molly has a ‘nose’ for the pub - especially those that provide food - so she dashed down this inviting pathway - perhaps for another day Molly, sorry!

 Friday now and we’re cruising yesterday’s walk.  I’ve been on the tiller as far as Higgins Clough Swing Bridge so now I can take some pictures!

Wonderful far reaching views as we approach ...

… Disley ...

… where the canal sides are well looked after …

 … and those houses must have the most fantastic view!

Ooops! He waited for us to come through Green’s Hall Lane Bridge and found himself grounded!

The fruity aroma from the Swizzles factory at New Mills was mouth watering!

Another glimpse of a railway viaduct traversing the valley

Over the railway line the vista just goes on and on

Baz tells us that the tv signal at Bugsworth Basin isn’t too good so they’ve moved back to just north …

… of Carr Swing Bridge where Ali is patiently waiting for us to pass through - thanks!

The signpost …

 … at the junction tells us that we go left here - more on turning right for another day

Houses of Teapot Row, so named because of the inhabitants’ practice of emptying their teapots into the canal - oh, I do that too!

The Gauging Stop Place - a pinch or narrow were assessed and weighed for tolls - I can see Geoff bike on the back of Seyella just inside the footbridge

Where the original Wharfinger’s House and Canal Office were built in 1797 - the ones you see here are the third on this site ...

… the original inhabitants of the houses between 1764 and 1850.

After taking on water and collecting guide books and maps for Bugsworth Basin we moored behind Seyella for the weekend.

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  1. Hi Carol and George,
    Our thoughts exactly on the boat moored at the landing stage - what a pain that was!
    Nice photos on your blog - as always.

    Ali x