Sunday, 21 April 2013

A lazy Sunday

A late rise this morning to meet the sunshine and a cooked breakfast to start the day right.  While George wash/waxed Rock ’n’ Roll’s roof and one side I did ... not very much!  Our plan was to have a late Sunday lunch at the Navigation Inn (Elsie Tanner’s old haunt) but we weren’t sure what time the fuel boat was coming.  We decided at about 4 o’clock to go for it and had a call from Geoff whilst eating our puddings that Alton was currently fuelling Seyella and would be with us in about half an hour - time enough to finish our meal.

It was raining when Brian expertly steered Alton alongside Rock ’n’ Roll …

 … whilst Ann Marie got the rope ready to pass to George to secure the boats …

 Room for a touch of spring on the cabin roof among the pots and posts and paraphernalia of a canal fuel trader
19:15 … after the rain the sun appears …

… and there is Alton snug as a bug in a rug for the night in the upper basin - they deserve a rest after the busy day they’ve had - thanks guys!

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