Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Tuesday 1st - Thursday 10th December 20th

this was the first frost we'd seen - winter is now with us as we untied and set off

Horsley Iron Works bridge 53 looks terrific in the cold sunshine

Newbold Tunnel as colourful as ever

bridge 45 looks just as good too!

at bridge 35 All Oaks Wood we met workers renewing the towpath,

they were working from both the path and from the water

we pulled over whilst the barge went past - the chap in the boat on the left was doing his best to keep warm - we later saw him standing in the canal placing the sand/cement bags into the water - it was absolutely freezing - even on our back deck, and we were all wrapped up in our winter gear!

maneuvering up to the towpath ...

... was not so easy

it's dirty work!

and the final finish looks good enough to walk on!

the contractors for BW were May Gurney according to the notice. Whoever they were, they were doing a great job and I for one appreciate it.

Thursday 3rd

onwards and upwards to Hawkesbury Junction arriving at about 5pm ..

as the sun was setting

Friday 4th

leaving Hawkesbury Junction to join the Coventry Canal northbound

we had yet another meal at this famous (or infamous) pub last night - warm fire, welcomes dogs in the bar and good food.

Saturday 5th

off we go

after collecting fuel at Boot Wharf we continued on and moored at the Anchor Pub where the food is always top class (venison), the welcome and the fire warm, and dogs can come too!

Sunday 6th we moved on to BW yard at Hartshill Wharf for water and stayed just beyond the bridge. We used our bus passes on several occasions going into Hartshill village, Atherston to the co-op there and into Tamworth - that was a trip and a half - it took 50 minutes each way on the bus - it was great!!

Tamworth on Thursday 10th - George and Molly catching up with family gossip whilst I shop


  1. Hi Carol, George & Molly

    Happy New Year and hope you are surviving the big freeze. I am glad to say that since the 23rd Dec we have been ashore, but I thought I would share our news that Duggie a Miniature Schnauzer puppy joined us on the 28th. Stanley & Molly got on so well we hope we will meet up some time and be able to introduce Duggie to Molly.
    All the very best
    Mac & Jacquie

  2. Hi nb Skyy, Happy New Year to you too - great that you now have Duggie, I'm sure that you will have great fun with him. We're still stuck in the ice at Great Haywood! Hope to meet up again soon.
    Carol NB Rock'n'Roll