Monday, 4 January 2010

Wednesday 14th - Saturday 17th October
We upped sticks from our mooring in Little Venice early on the 14th and cruised 20 miles and 21 locks over the following 4 days.
past Wembly Stadium although the weather was not as warm and sunny as it was on the way down - moored at Bulls Bridge and did the predictable Tesco shop!
Thursday 15th - the gravel barges were busier than we'd seen them previously -
this one was in Uxbridge Lock
and again coming out of bridge 184

this barge was taking off water ballast near to bridge 183a presumably prior to loading
cormorants drying out their feathers.
We eventually moored just before Copper Mill Lock and enjoyed a welcome dinner at the Coy Carp with Pat and Ian. Summer is definitely over, we had the central heating on for the first time!
Friday 16th
Porthceri in our wake
the blue boat came out of the bridge far too fast and on the wrong side of the canal - he didn't see Porthceri coming towards him, a collision looked imminent but was avoided by Ian's prompt actions ..
he's ok now!
me taking a picture of them taking a picture of me!
the trees are putting on their autumn livery
The Grove Bridge - I know I took a picture on the way south, but it is a lovely bridge
autumn sunshine in Grove Park
sunset at 16:57 at Grove Mill Bridge - nights are certainly drawing in now

Saturday 17th
what's Nessie doing in Kings Langley?

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