Friday, 22 January 2010

The Great Escape

Saturday 16th - Thursday 21st January 2010
Ann (Moore2Life) with my Molly, Ann's Molly and Meg and Lucy (No Problem) after a walk by the river.
Tuesday 19th Great Haywood Marine Services need to move the shared ownership boats today and had to break the ice to continue with their businessWhen we said to one of the men that we were dying to get out they very kindly broke the ice up to the entrance leaving us to reverse through just a small area of still quite thick ice to escape.
we thank them from the bottom of our heart!! We usually get cabin fever after 4-days, and we'd been stuck for 16!

Sunday 17th the snow has gone but the ground is rather soggy on the towpaths so we walked today in the fields and woods on the non-towpath side; a chilly day but bright sunshine.

looking down the hill towards the canal..
.. a dead end - we had to turn back the way we had come!
looking over the canal to the grounds of Shugborough Hall
back to the bridge looking south - you can still see ice on the left
and to the north towards the lock is free water - it's a start anyway!

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  1. your blog makes me envy you...
    because i myself wanted to be a fantastic 'blogger who posts about journeys'.

    all your photographs are simply picturesque