Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A dull, dreary, damp, drizzly day ...

It was all that and perishing cold too when we got up yesterday and it continued all day as we (together with Moore 2 Life) upped-sticks from Kings Bromley and set off for Rugeley, picking up water on the way at Brereton ...
... entering what was once Armitage Tunnel before its roof was removed in 1971 and ...
... that's Moore 2 Life close behind us ...
... just out of those narrows this scene hasn't changed at all since we've been cruising - Willie Winkie is still holding his solar light!
In the long line of moorings there were at least 4 boats up for sale ...
... as we reached Spode House, the former home of the pottery family
... and soon into Rugeley past the power station.
We've moored just past the railway bridge and arranged a Tesco delivery for today (Tuesday); I'm keeping my fingers crossed for its safe arrival.
Today has dawned pretty much the same as yesterday and as you may have gathered by now - I don't like damp, grey days!


  1. Hiya Carol
    Yes, we're on your tail, although a way behind at the moment! Looking forward to seeing you. Are you still heading down the S&W from Great Haywood? Oh BTW, it's SILEBY Lock, not Selby! wrong county.....

  2. Sorry about the mistake - my fingers on the keyboard are faster than my brain! To your question - yes - we'll be at Great Haywood on Friday - we've arranged dental appointments there for early next week then we'll continue south. See you both soon. George says Rodbaston will be closed too from 5/12 to 21/12.

  3. (After editing)
    Hi Carol,
    I've been trying to get a message to you since you were in Bristol but my technical nouse is sparse.
    I was on board SS Great Britain with my grandson when you were passing and took a couple of pictures of Rock'n'Roll. If you would like me to send them let me know.
    I have a boat at Cowroast but over the period 22/10 to 6/11 I was moving a boat for somebody else from Eynsham to Norbury so I have been enjoying your pictures covering much of the same route.
    Best wishes

    Mike Wall