Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Up the Junction!

 George, with Ann and Chas (Moore 2 Life) did their own bit of retail therapy this morning - I'm sure that Chas will be revealing his purchases on his blog before too long ... eh Chas?

While I waited for them to return I saw some movement through the bridge ...

... the Swan family set out on their cruise for today!
So graceful. 

Ann and Chas are staying here today as Chas's purchases have to be .... 
erm ...  sorted!

We're soon out into the countryside again; when the sun manages to find a gap in the clouds it warms our backs, but in the shade it's a bit chilly!

That looks very industrial - I wondered if it was a chicken farm ...

... but no, it was intensive pig farming - they seemed to be a lot of piglets packed into such small pens ...

... and the smell .... well you can imagine!  It stayed with us on the breeze for some time after we'd passed by.... yuk!
This very nice old waterways house at Huddlesford Junction looks as if it may have been important in its time.
The junction arm (off to the right in this picture, currently used for private mooring) is under renovation, see Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust Ltd 

Also for sale at the junction is
available for delivery to your boat 

Yet another new marina under construction!  We've 
passed by quite a few marinas recently, some new and some more established.
A couple of the new ones either were not completely finished and had few boats moored and even the established ones did not appear to be fully utilised.  I wonder if there really is a need for more?

Approaching Streethay Wharf -
busy as usual ...

'Reckless' The Boat that Guy Built
is still on sale here - price reduced now to £37,000. It's the blue one behind the canopy.

Our destination for the next couple of days is Fradley Junction.

Once the ropes are tied and a very welcome cuppa taken we set out for a walk to see what changes had been made since we were last here

It was only about 4:15 but night was arriving quickly

we walked around the wildlife pool - here's a new addition ... 
a huge dragonfly!

Getting ever darker as I look down the Coventry Canal from the junction 

and so to the Mucky Duck - it was as welcoming as ever ...

we shall be back tomorrow night (hopefully with Ann and Chas) to enjoy a meal and a natter ...
and perhaps on Thursday night too to enjoy a folk music event!

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