Sunday, 13 November 2011

It came, and then it was gone!

If I'd had an internet signal when we arrived at Great Haywood on Friday I would have called the blog 'I wish I could see a bit of blue sky'.

Because when we left Rugeley it was yet another grey, grim day; the sky was just a big grey blanket as I set off to walk a while ...

... I've walked far enough and here comes George on Rock n Roll following on close behind

The River Trent runs alongside the Trent and Mersey Canal as we continue on our way towards Great Haywood junction

Waiting to ascend Colwich Lock ...

... a lovely view behind me with the local church on the left

Canal memorabilia on Colwich Lock House

A pretty row of canal side cottages ...

... the one on the right was once the Stonemason's Cottage (1710)

Our first glimpse of Shugborough Hall through the murk at just after 1pm 
Anyone who knows our Molly knows that she always sits looking the way we are cruising ... and yes she is here too!  We've been up to Haywood Junction, filled up with water and diesel and here we are reversing, we've come stern first down the lock to another of our favourite mooring spots (albeit without an internet signal!)

Saturday morning 9am we've woken to brighter skies but a low mist ...

... but at least I can see that 'bit of blue' up there! 

10 past 10 and my goodness me! It's the sun trying to get through! 

What a difference it makes too - Saturday was a pleasure!

Same time, same place on Sunday morning ... and the grey is back! 

 ... but hang on there - half an hour later and the sun is trying to show its face ...

We've moving up the lock again for water, moored up and set off for a walk around Shugborough Estate with Ann and Chas (Moore 2 Life

We seem to have seen lots of pigs over the last few days ... these little fellows caught our eye ear making a hell of a row over in far field on the estate ... wild boar perhaps?

... returning to the canal ...

... over the very pretty river bridge ... 

... a family of swans glide under ... 

... to emerge on the other side.
A lovely day!

Dentist appointments tomorrow!!


  1. Hi, that grey sky looks looming! At least here, we generally have blue and sun. Beginning to get used to it a bit. Love the metal sign about cars on the cottage wall! How things have changed! I seem to remember that Shugborough Hall was well-known once for its Tamworth Pig herd: these look like Tamworths (& a GOS), from the long-ago days when we kept pigs and the RBST. Hope the weather improves for you all soon.

  2. Hi, glad to hear that you're 'beginning to get used to' the sunshine - I'm sure that most of us would love that just now! Thanks for the info re the pigs - but - what is GOS and RBST?