Saturday, 26 November 2011

Still at Gailey Lock

Off for a walk with Ann and Chas ...
... Moore 2 Life and Rock 'n' Roll below Gailey Lock
Looking back from Littleton Colliery (disused railway) Bridge at what appears a peaceful scene, but the incessant roar of M6 traffic which passes the other side of the trees on the left makes conversation almost impossible.
We shall stay here a few more days hopeful that Mags and Geoff on Seyella will catch up with us before we have to leave the 14-day moorings; we can then together plan where our winter cruising will take us.  After the last two winters being so hard and coming so suddenly, I'm sure that we're not the only continuous cruisers a little apprehensive about the next ice age and hoping that we can be in a suitable spot if or when it comes - all part of the experience!

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