Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It was too dark for pictures of our mooring area last night, so here is bridge 69 and Stafford Boat Club through the 'ole ...

... the ground to the towpath side of the boat is just a bit rough and wild! 

... and the view to the front looks quite  promising, weather-wise!

Deptmore Lock Cottage has received some very Tender Loving Care ...
new double-glazed wood-framed windows and new guttering ... looking good ...

... and very useful extension on the back ... it's good to see! 

Open countryside to port (left) ...  but that promise of sun hasn't yet come to fruition 

Acton Trussell in the distance ...

... and really thick leaf soup in Shutt Hill Lock - it took some help from George pushing the boat to enable me to leave it!

Park Gate Lock ... and the sun has come out to play ... wondeerful! 
Midland Chandlers on the left where we've spent some money on essentials wants/needs today ...

... and Teddesley Boat Company which has fairly recently changed hands and is much cleared up - including what appears to be mooring spaces with leckie and water provided. 

Approaching Teddesley Park Bridge looking into the autumn sunshine ...

... and looking back at the at the sun on the trees ... 

... and the lovely bridge.

No, this bridge is not particularly pretty; it's the M6 bridge, but wonderful!  The reflection of the sun on the water is itself reflecting onto the roof of the bridge - absolute magic!

... and now on the roof is the shadow of ... Rock n Roll!

Moored now for tonight in the visitor mooring below Penkridge Lock.  

I think I wouldn't mind living in one of these little prefabs when we finally decide the time is right to retire - but no - a wide-beam on the Forth and Clyde/Union Canals still beckons as favourite!
Onwards to Gailey tomorrow.

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